Terms of Service

General Terms of Service Here.

If you decide to start a commission, you will receive a copy that is more specific to your request.

(Please note this is intended to give you an idea and may change without notice. The copy you receive will always be up to date.)

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General Terms of Service


Thank you for choosing me for your graphic design and illustration needs! This document is designed to clearly outline the expectations of all parties involved. You will be provided with a copy of this document for your records. Remember, I’m here for you, so if you have questions regarding the terms me on http://www.paintedwolfstudio.com.

Summary of Services

Outlined here are services that you can get under one or more packages available to you. Please note that this isn’t an exhaustive list, but should give you a good idea of what I do and do not offer.

Service I DO Offer Service I Do NOT Offer
·         Graphic/logo design

·         Social media banners

·         Brochures

·         Digital Illustration

·         Clip art, icons, and graphic              assets

·         Business cards

·         Invitations

·         Photography

·         Printing services

·         Website design

·         Publishing

·         Portraiture, landscape painting,              realism

How You Will Receive Your Final Product

The final versions of all requested services will be provided to you in .png file format with transparency where appropriate. If you require final versions in a different file format, please let me know and I will provide them. The price for this will depend on the labor required to convert the files. You will be informed upfront before anything extra is billed to you. Please note that there may be situations where it is not possible or may not be advantageous to convert file types.

Also, your all final versions will be provided to you using Dropbox, a free file hosting service which can be acquired at www.dropbox.com. This will allow me to send you files that would be too large to send via email. When using Dropbox, you will have access to view the document only until the project is finished unless otherwise noted. This will prevent both you and me from losing or overwriting important files because of the way Dropbox works.

File Formats (Subject to Availability)
·         .png

·         .bmp

·         .jpg

·         .ai (Adobe Illustrator)

·         .psd (Photoshop)

·         .pdf (Adobe Reader)

What You Can Expect of Me

·         Timely correspondence and completion to your satisfaction

·         All finished files provided to you

·         Courtesy and respect

·         Finished product will belong solely to you

·         Final product will be ready for print/use

·         Assistance with files if needed


What I Ask of You

It is important that you know how to use the files/services provided to you. I cannot offer refunds on files/services that you do not have the necessary resources or knowledge to use. Please be sure you have the necessary software, knowledge, and capabilities to use the files provided before signing this agreement.

Furthermore, there are a few other items I ask for:

·         Allow me to post work on personal blog/portfolio sites with a link back to your site. You retain ownership.
This will act as an example of my skills.·         Timely correspondence·         If you refer another client, please do not quote them the price given you because each project is different and may be a different price.

·         Agreement to the terms of service

·         Provide your own printing services

·         Provide source/reference /dimensions as necessary

·         Patience as I work on your project. Please allow time for me to complete your request to the highest standards.

·         Be aware of what your budget affords you. Excessive revisions will cut into the time available for your final piece

·         It is up to you to know how to upload/download, use, and distribute the files given to you. Please be sure you have the knowledge or skills required to use my services


Payment and Prices

Before services can start a non-refundable deposit + a small service  fee is required. This amount goes toward your final bill upon completion. PayPal is recommended, however if you have a preferred method, this is open to negotiations, but could affect how long your project will take to complete. Services cannot start or continue without payment. Please note that clients are taken on a first come, first served basis. That means, if another commits with the deposit before you, their project will be started before yours.

Also note that your budget affects what can be done. If your budget is small, you will be limited in what/how many services can be provided to you. Please come with realistic expectations. I will never go over your budget without your permission. If your budget cannot be raised, this could result in unfinished work.


Rates differ based on what your individual project. This will be discussed in-depth should you choose to commission me.


In the event that you cancel the project, the deposit will be forfeited as wells as any payment received for completed work.

You reserve the right to cancel at any time should you feel unsatisfied. You will receive whatever portion of the work that has been paid for. By approving work, you are expressing your satisfaction with the work. All other work that has not been completed/approved/paid for will NOT be released to you.

Alternatively, I reserve the right to cancel the project should I feel that I cannot provide what you are asking for. In this event, your  deposit will be refunded, but not anything that has been completed and paid for.

Harassment Clause: If I feel that I am being harassed, I reserve the right to cancel my obligation to you. Your deposit will be forfeited and work that has been paid for will NOT be refunded. You ARE entitled to a refund for any work that has NOT been approved. Work that has been APPROVED but not paid for will not be released unless payment is received. Harassment includes, but is not limited to:

Persistent Contacts—Your work will be completed in the order in which it was received.

Nonpayment/Consistent Slow Payment—Please be sure to send payment in a timely manner so that I may complete your work in a timely manner.

No/Slow Communication—It will be assumed that you have lost interest in the project and as such are subject to cancellation policies.

Threatening/Demeaning/Offensive Language—If I receive emails that contain foul or strong language, I reserve the right to cancel according to cancellation policies.


In the event that you cancel the project, the deposit will be forfeited as wells as any payment received for completed work.

Only work that has NOT been approved is eligible for a refund. By approving work, you are hereby stating that you are satisfied. Any further changes requested will result in further charges at the previously mentioned rate. Please note that if you are working on a deadline, changes requested after approval may prolong your commission. You will not be refunded should your extra revisions affect other deadlines you may have.

Approving Work

By approving work, you are expressing your satisfaction with the work. Further revisions will be charged at the regular rate and WILL affect your project’s deadline.  Once you have paid for work, you saying that the portion paid for is completed to your standards. No more revisions will be accepted at this point.

Upon completing the project, NO MORE CHANGES WILL BE ACCEPTED. That means you will need to review the work and make sure it will work before you declare a project complete. Should you find any issues after completion that could have been remedied during the commission; you will need to open a new commission. NOTHING WILL BE CHANGED AFTER THE FACT.


Email is preferred and will be checked daily. You can contact me at www.paintedwolfstudio.com with any questions. Video chat (Google Hangouts, Skype, and FaceTime) is available upon request and by appointment only.

Please note: If I receive no response to correspondence for an extended period of time (10 days or more from my last contact to you), this will count as a cancellation.

I understand everyone has a life and I do not expect you to be waiting by your computer for an email from me. It is expected that you please afford me the same courtesy. I will make sure that my communication is timely, but please do not send multiple emails with the intent to get a faster response. Please allow a day or two for me to respond and allow for an absolute minimum of 1 week for work to be completed. Please remember, any timeframes referenced are estimations only.

I will not provide my phone number.

Rush / Short Turnaround

Please give yourself adequate time for a project to be completed. Because other clients may be ahead in line before you, it is NOT possible to rush projects or skip to the front of the line at this time. Please remember that your response time to emails and number of revisions affect the length of time for your project.

Special Considerations

We can discuss special considerations. Please note that special considerations may result in additional fees and/or time taken to complete your project.


If the work you are receiving is discounted or donated, you will still receive an invoice. The invoice however will show your discounts and other special considerations. Please note: Not all non-profits/charitable organizations will be eligible for free or discounted rates.


I ask that you do not share files with other teachers. If you’d like a sharing a license, please contact me for a license to share your products (additional fees may apply).



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